ACID 20 Bronxilla 5 Pack

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Don't miss out on the latest addition to the ACID line by Drew Estate. ACID 20 Bronxilla is draped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and comes in a 5x54 Robusto size. 

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    In a press release, Drew Estate president and founder Jonathan Drew commented: “ACID 20: Bronxilla is a monumental achievement for Drew Estate, a celebration of freedom, and a virtuous shout out to our dear friends Tom Sullivan and Steve Kallinikos. The Bronxilla mark is a symbol of our core values and commitment to the premium cigar industry, which we love so deeply. From Mecca to Medinah, Texas to Tokyo, FDR Drive str8 ballin to the boogie-down Bronx, jump on the 2’s or 5’s subway lines with us, puffin hard, finger in the air, screamin ‘fuck the world.’”