VCL Cult Video Club

Greetings, minions! Bear witness to the glory that is the Vintage Cigar Lounge Cult Video Club! Step forth and revel in the bounty with us. Each lunar cycle we shall bestow upon a limited few, offerings of curious and wonderful cigars that have been hand picked by our Keepers of Hidden and Forbidden Knowledge!

This is not your average 5 pack! We have scoured the earth, wading through curios long forgotten, haggling with vendors of dubious nature to not only bring you our choice selections of cigars but relics of time as well! Contained within each carefully chosen VHS cases you will find assorted talismans and trinkets to bring power to you as they activate memories long forgotten!

Join us on this journey! Every monthly ritual you complete will increase your good standing with our Keepers of Knowledge, earning rewards and new rankings!